Community, outdoor life and challenges
Photo: Alexander Frederik Nielsen
From 23 July to 31 July 2022, 40,000 scouts and guides from all over the world move to the scenic nature site Hedeland Naturpark, situated on Zealand between the municipalities of Høje Taastrup, Greve and Roskilde.

About SL2022

Last updated 22. February 2022

With thousands of scouts and guides from all over the world, Jamboree Denmark is the largest jamboree in the Nordic countries. The jamboree is arranged by the five Danish scout and guide organizations: The Danish Guide and Scout Association, the KFUM Scouts, the Green Girl Guides of Denmark, the Danish Baptist Guide and Scout Association and Danish Scouts of Southern Schleswig. The jamboree will take place in Hedeland Naturpark from 23 to 31 July 2022.

The five organizations are behind the umbrella organization Spejderne that arranges Jamboree Denmark 2022 in close collaboration with the municipalities Høje Taastrup, Greve and Roskilde as well as thousands of volunteer scouts and guides.

2022 will be the third time that Jamboree Denmark is held as a cross-organizational collaboration. In 2017, Jamboree Denmark was held in Sønderborg municipality, and in 2012, it was situated in Holstebro.

In 2017, Jamboree Denmark was held in Sønderborg, close to the German border.

Community, outdoor life and challenges

Through the activities, the jamboree participants will obtain valuable personal competencies, learn to enter into all kinds of relations and learn to take responsibility for the community. By engaging in the community, guiding, and scouting, the participants will also develop themselves and become responsible individuals contributing to the democratic process.

Activities and Events

The primary target groups are scouts and guides aged 10 to 17. They will be able to choose between loads of exciting activities. Moreover, a range of activities will also be aimed at scouting and guiding leaders, adults and visitors. If you wish to help develop the jamboree activities or have a concrete idea, please contact the section chiefs for Activities and Events.

How does COVID-19 affect Jamboree Denmark 2022?

Jamboree Denmark 2022 is in close contact with the Danish Health Authority about COVID-19. And everything indicates that we can hold Jamboree Denmark 2022 without any issues. This is also the assessment other major events base their planning on.

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