Help make Jamboree Denmark 2022 unforgettable
Photo: Alexander Frederik Nielsen
There are many ways for you to volunteer prior, during, and after Jamboree Denmark 2022. See how to sign up at the bottom of this page.

Become a volunteer

Become a volunteer

  • Choose whether you wish to help with the preparations for Jamboree Denmark 2022
  • Choose what section you wish to help develop
  • Fill out and send in a volunteer application
  • When your application has been received, you will be contacted by a member of the Jamboree planning organisation

Would you like to be part of the team that will make Jamboree Denmark 2022 a fantastic experience for everyone? Then you should become a volunteer. There are many different jobs both prior, during, and after the jamboree. We aim to give our volunteers as great an experience as the participants. It should be fun and challenging to volunteer at Jamboree Denmark 2022. You can read more about the advantages of volunteering below.

We plan jobs and schedules after your wishes while trying to distribute the work as best as possible between all the volunteers. In this way, we aim to let everyone experience the big events during the jamboree.

Right now, we need volunteers to plan and organise the jamboree. The jamboree organisation consists of six sections: Activities and Events, Participants, Camp and Infrastructure, Communication, Volunteering and HR, and Finance. Read more about the six sections and sign up her >>

A team of service guards are briefed before their night shift. Photo: Jesper Toft

Volunteering with your family?

Do you want to have your family with you on Jamboree Denmark 2022 while you volunteer? No problem. We have created a subcamp, where your children will be taken care of in a kind of volunteer-day care. Here, the children will have plenty of activities, while the grown-ups work. 

Where can we stay?

You choose whether you want to stay with your local group in one of the subcamps or whether you will stay in the volunteer subcamp with your colleagues, friends, or family. You will also get to choose whether you wish to eat in one of the Jamboree cantinas or whether you will live like a scout/guide and prepare your own food over a cooking fire in your camp. 

Put scouting on your resume

Jamboree Denmark 2022 will provide volunteers with an outline of relevant scouting skills and competencies personalised for the individual volunteer. The outline will be written in such a way that non-scouts may also see the value in the skills and competencies scouts possess.

It is also possible for young people to hold internship-like positions during the jamboree to let them try out specific trades that they may wish to work with in the future.

Admission price for volunteers

Participation in the pre-jamboree and post-jamboree work camps is free. In 2017, the price of the actual jamboree was DKK 2100. For Jamboree Denmark 2022, the price has yet to be determined. The price will be the same for all participants aged six years or older no matter whether you participate as a volunteer, scout leader, or as a scout.

It will also be possible to participate for a shorter period of time. In which case, you will pay according to how many days you participate. 

However, the price for members of the jamboree planning organisation will be reduced up to 50% (the actual level of reduction has yet to be determined), as their work often starts years before the jamboree. This is a decision made by the umbrella organisation for the Danish scouting and guiding organisations Spejderne in 2020.

Local volunteers

The Jamboree will hopefully also benefit from lots of local volunteers, who wish to help during the Jamboree, but who still wish to live at home.

These volunteers do not have to pay for their participation. They will instead be asked to pay a guest-price at the parking lot, and they will be able to buy food in the jamboree food stalls or bring food with them from home.

Natalie from Sweden volunteered in the kitchen at Jamboree Denmark 2012. Photo: Frederik Andreas Jørgensen

How to sign up as a volunteer

The sign-up system for volunteering during the jamboree has not yet been finished. You will find a link to the system right here when it is ready.

If you are signing up or will pay through a scout or guides group

To sign up as part of a group, you must sign up as a regular volunteer. In the final registration, you can choose a scout group for payment, food and sleeping quarters. Here, you can find your group and choose whether you will sleep and/or eat with them and whether they will pay for your stay.  It is important to have an agreement with your group as they must accept to pay for you or to let you eat or sleep in their camp. The group will do this on their own sign-up page where your wishes will be presented to them.

It may be an advantage to pay through your group, as the group may then apply for reimbursement for your campsite expenses (at least this is possible for Danish scouts and guides).

When we get closer to summer 2022, it will be possible to:

  • Form living communities. By default, you will stay in a cluster with the rest of your committee.
  • Form communities to eat together. If you wish to prepare your own food, you can join up with your friends and fellow volunteers and eat together. In this case, you will get a shared card that you may use to purchase food  with.
  • Form communities to pay together if you are not part of a participating scout or guides group.
  • Register children of volunteers participating in the jamboree. Therefore, please do not sign up your children before this option is available.
  • Enter details on how many and how large tents you will bring.

Please note: The registration system is not yet ready and changes may happen when the registration for Jamboree Denmark 2022 opens.

Do you have trouble signing up? You can get help here

If you have trouble signing up, you can get help here:

Problems with the registration system:

Questions about the jamboree itself: