Photo: Alexander Frederik Nielsen
If you cannot seem to find the answer to your questions on, please do not hesitate to contact the secretariat or the various sections of the jamboree planning organization.


If you are a participant or a volunteer, you can reach out to the call center with your questions:

If you have questions about how to participate in the jamboree, please contact

If you have questions for the jamboree secretariat, you can contact them on

The secretariat

Head of Secretariat
Annette Jorn
+45 5353 6919

Communication consultant
Bue Bejer Heckmann
+45 8188 4791

Grith von Linstow-Knigge
+45 8188 9493

Secretariat employee
Maria Jakobsen
+45 2427 3509

You can also ask questions or send us your ideas and input via Facebook: Spejdernes Lejr

Jamboree executive committee

Jamboree chief

Morten Lykkeberg
Charlotte Flaskager

Read more about Morten and Charlotte here

Campsite and infrastructure

Finn Dybbøl finn.dybbø
John Søgaard Hansen


Brian Friis
Stine Basballe


Jesper Oehlenschläger
Celine Jagd

Volunteering and HR

Marie Kaas-Larsen
Jesper Dahl

Activities and Events

Emma Klostergaard Christensen

Louis Jørgensen

Read more about Emma and Louis HER


Hanne Friis Kaas
Birgitte Drewes

The board of the organization Spejderne:


Kristine Clemmensen-Rotne, co-chairman (appointed by the Danish Guide and Scout Association)

Stine Kirk Jensen, co-chairman (appointed by the KFUM Scouts)

Post address

Spejdernes Lejr
Arsenalvej 10
1436 København K
Phone: +45 3264 0090