Date of Jamboree Denmark 2022 has been announced

Save the dates 23-31 July 2022 when Hedeland Naturpark will provide the opportunity for the largest jamboree in Denmark. The Jamboree has just announced the dates for the 2022 jamboree offering fellowship, outdoor activities, and challenges to children and young people.

The next Jamboree Denmark is in 2022 and will gather approx. 40,000 participants from all over the world. Along with volunteers, local scouts and guides, municipalities, neighbours, and local associations, the Jamboree will create a temporary town for children and young people – everyone will come together to display scouts and guides anno 2022 and to provide life-long experiences. It is all taking place from 23 July until 31 July 2022.

Situated across the municipalities of Høje-Taastrup, Greve, and Roskilde, Hedeland Naturpark covers an area of 1,000 hectares (2,471 acres), which includes an old gravel pit, lakes, canals, hills, plains, and woods – it will all provide unique opportunities for some pretty cool and unexpected activities for scouts and guides.

“I would say that the area is best described as wilderness and at the same time wildly calm. There are steep slopes and thick woods and undergrowth, but also flat plains, beautiful flowers and calm lakes. All in all, a perfect site for a jamboree because of the area’s diversity, “ says Lillan Foged who made up the initial Jamboree management team together with Jens Harboe Malskær.

Jens and Lillan have both saved the dates and are looking forward to seeing Hedeland Naturpark filling up with scouts and guides: “It will be a fantastic experience to see the first eager scouts and guides arriving at Hedeland on 23 July. At that time, a lot of awesome volunteers will have been working on the jamboree for some three years. I am looking so much forward to the feeling of fellowship, which I know we will experience at the first campfire,” says a smiling Jens Harboe Malskær.

Both jamboree chiefs are looking forward to working with a lot of volunteers and the rest of the jamboree management team to create a great jamboree with the help from local enterprises and partnerships close to Hedeland.