Help plan Jamboree Denmark 2022?

Would you like to help plan a fantastic jamboree for 40,000 scouts and guides from all over the world? Then you should volunteer for Jamboree Denmark 2022 

In the summer of 2022, from 23 to 31 July, the most awesome jamboree in the world will be held at Hedeland, Zealand, in Denmark. Behind the jamboree, you will find a large planning organisation full of volunteers like yourself.

We are a mixed bunch: Some have been a scout or guide for many years, some have not. Some have planned major jamborees and other events before, some have not.

Our common goal is what is important. We wish to give children and young people a great scouting or guiding experience, which is built on the mission to prepare children and young people to thrive in the world through community, outdoor life and challenges. We believe we will succeed, as we are a strong community.

We have already begun - and you are welcome to join. Fill out the contact form  below, and you will be contacted by a representative of the section you would like to join.

A description of five of the sections of the jamboree planning organisation

Activities and Events

This section is responsible for all activities, the scouting and guiding spirit, and opening and closing ceremonies.


The purpose of this section is to manage everything to do with the participants. This includes managing registrations, coordinating the subcamps, purchasing, food, food stalls, shops etc.

Campsite and Infrastructure:

This section is responsible for the campsite, and that everything there works and is safe when the jamboree will be held. More specifically, this includes technical installations, IT, and emergency services.


Communication is responsible for exactly that. Communicating with participants, guest, the media and the rest of the world. This means internal and external communication, communication to the planning organisation, to the various scouts and guides associations, creating and maintaining this website, stakeholder management, marketing etc.

Volunteering and HR:

This section has been established to ensure that every volunteers involved in the Jamboree will have a good experience while working with us. The section facilitates a HR network for all HR representatives in the planning organisation, it manages efforts to ensure satisfactory work conditions, maintains a handbook for volunteers and established supporting efforts for members of the planning organisation such as help with project management and child care during the jamboree.

Volunteering on your CV 

Your experience as a volunteer at Jamboree Denmark 2022 can be used in your job search.  Show your future employer how you will use your experience at their workplace, make your experience clear in your CV, and consider using your closest Jamboree Denmark leader as a reference. Read more about how to do this here.