Why your child must not miss Jamboree Denmark 2017
Some parents have sent their kids on numerous camps – for others this is the first time. You will find overall information concerning the jamboree here, which should allow you to send your youngster to the jamboree with peace of mind.

If you are a Parent

Jamboree Denmark is a joint jamboree for the five Scouts associations in Denmark. Together we will be a lot of scouts/guides when we meet in Sønderborg in 2017. In other words, it will be the largest jamboree ever to be held in Denmark. Something that your child must not miss.

At the jamboree, we live in tents, sleep in sleeping bags and cook over a cooking fire. All this with the assistance from your child’s scout/guide leader. During the week the scouts/guides take part in all sorts of activities on the jamboree with their scout and guide friends from the unit, as well as other scouts and guides from all over Denmark – and even scouts and guides from other countries. The jamboree offers about 200 different activities.

The jamboree work closely together with the local police, ambulance service and fire department – the fire department even had time for a water fight at Jamboree Denmark 2012. Photo: Mads H. Danquah

At Jamboree Denmark 2017 your child will experience scouting/guiding at its best. It is a unique experience when a lot scouts and guides are brought together in one jamboree. The camp area is larger than what they are used to, the  camp fires are set on a large stage and the activities are just a bit more fun and different from what they are used to.

This is an experience for a lifetime. An experience, which will stay with them for many years to come. Your child will experience a meaningful sense of community and they will see the result of many scouts and guides working together to create a fun jamboree.


The price is 2.100 Danish kroner. This will cover all meals, the activities and transportation to and from the jamboree from designated pick-up points or the nearest airport. When this is paid, there are no extra costs and you can send your youngster off without worrying about any additional expenses.

If you have any questions please refer them to the leader of your child’s unit or write an email to the Jamboree Denmark Call Centre at: info@sl2017.dk.

Postcards and packages

At Jamboree Denmark 2017, you can send postcards and goodies to a scout/guide by entering the jamboree’s post shop. Here you can write a letter to the scout/guide and then the jamboree’s post centre will print it on a postcard and deliver it to the scout/guide.

If your friend or your child needs to be spoiled a little, then you can also buy some sweets, both the healthy and the less healthy kind, which the post centre will put in an envelope with the postcard.

Do you know someone whose birthday takes place during Jamboree Denmark 2017? Then you can order a ”kagemand” (buns or cake formed as a girl or a boy and topped with sweets). Then we deliver a postcard to the scout/guide with information of when and where the cake can be picked up.

You can order all of the above at www.spejderpost.dk , which will open shortly before the jamboree.