Join in Jamboree Denmark 2017
Jamboree Denmark 2017 will be the largest jamboree held in Denmark so far. You can ensure it will be the scout/guide event of the year.

If you are a scout

  • Do you think the idea of a lot scouts/guides singing together is cool?
  • Do you think it is fun to meet people in the same age group as yourself, from other countries and with the same interests as you?
  • Do you think it is cool to be challenged? And to push your own limits by doing stuff you did not believe you could?

If you can say yes to these questions, Jamboree Denmark 2017 is definitely something for you! With a lot scouts and guides from all over the world this will be the largest and wildest jamboree ever held in Denmark.

You might already have heard this, but we would like to tell you again: At Jamboree Denmark 2017 we must leave impressions in ourselves, each other and the world around us. This is illustrated in the logo of the jamboree which is formed as a globe with tracks in all directions.

When you return home from Jamboree Denmark, we would like you to have been challenged and to have developed as a human being as well as a scout/guide. We would also like you to have experienced - both with your own unit and with scouts and guides you did not previously know - that together we are stronger.


Last but not least, at Jamboree Denmark 2017 we will as individuals as well as a community, take responsibility for the world we are a part of. That is exactly what Denmark's strongest community, the scouts and guides, is all about. Not just when we meet in Sønderborg next summer but also before and after the jamboree


This is all fine, but what is actually going to happen

The 22 July 2017, a lot Danish and international scouts and guides will invade Kær Vestermark near Sønderborg. We will take up a lot of space. Usually only 30.000 people live in the city of Sønderborg. Kær Vestermark is a special natural reserve area, which used to be a military training facility.

The first cornerstone for the jamboree has already been laid and when you and all the other scouts and guides arrive in July 2017, the area will be ready to receive you in five sub camps.


Scouts and guides explain about one of the activities at Jamboree Denmark 2012. English Interview after 25 seconds.


Guarantee for great experiences

The above is what we are doing right now: boiling all this down to nine top tuned days with experiences, challenges, fun and mischief. Nine days which will leave lasting impressions on us forever.

In other words, you will not be bored, but you are probably not expecting to be bored. We are already looking forward to this event with anticipation. Even though we will be quite busy getting the pieces to fit, in order to, in just a very short while, welcome you and a lot other scouts and guides to Jamboree Denmark 2017 – Denmark’s strongest community.

Facts of Jamboree Denmark 2017

  • The campsite will be 2 x 2.5 km
  • The target is to get a lot scouts and guides to join the jamboree
  • 5.000 of the participants will come from abroad
  • 9.5 kilometre(!) power cables must be dug down at the campsite
  • There will be 1.000 toilets