A Jobber makes the jamboree memorable
Photo: Thomas Heie Nielsen
There are many different jobs both before, during and after Jamboree Denmark 2017.

Jobber / IST

Do you wish to assist at Jamboree Denmark 2017 or with the planning of the jamboree? If so please register as a jobber.

You can also register as a jobber, if you wish to assist before the jamboree in the build-up. If you already have an agreement with a committee about a job on SL2017, please remember to write this in the registration.

When we have received your registration, we will ask you to confirm your registration by e-mail. If you do not do this within 14 days, your registration will be deleted.

Get to the jobber registration here.

This is how to make your final registration as a jobber

It is now possible for jobbers to make their final registration to Jamboree Denmark 2017. This is done in the registration system CampOS, and you must be registered as a jobber to make the final registration. If you do not know which kind of job you would like to perform, you do not have to choose a committee. In this case, we will contact you to find out what possibilities there are.

To be registered you must go to camp.sl2017.dk. On the front page, you can choose a specific job from the list of vacant jobs, or you can choose committee or become an all-around-jobber. When you have been approved by a committee, you can make the final registration.

Are you already a jobber?

If you are already registered as a jobber, you can find your registration on CampOS. What you must do depends on whether you sleep in the camp. You find detailed instructions here.


Even if you do not sleep in the camp, we need you to register so we know, when you will be present in the camp. Further we need to know if you have children, who must go to the jobber kindergarten (Børnenes Ø), while you work. If you do not sleep in the camp, it is free to participate. However, you must bring a packed lunch or buy food in one of our café’s.


As a jobber you can choose if you want to sleep with other jobbers in the subcamp Øen , or if you want to sleep with your scout/guide group. You can also choose to sleep in one camp and eat in the other. It is entirely up to you to create the combination that fits you the most.

You must consider:

Camp days: Which dates do you participate in the camp? You can participate for free in the pre- and after-camp. This is when you work for your main committee to build or break down the camp.

Where to sleep: Here you can choose between the sub-camp for jobbers (Øen) and your own scout/guide group. If you move from one place to another during the week, you can enter more periods. Note that all caravans will be placed in sub-camp Øen. If you stay in a caravan you must choose it under Særlige ønsker (Special wishes). You cannot choose accommodation for the pre- and after-camp as it is the Jamboree Executive Committee that decides this.

Meals: Here you chose if you want to eat in a jobber canteen, with your scout/guide group, or if you want to cook your own meals (in this case you will receive the ingredients free of charge).

Transport: As a jobber you are NOT registered for joint transformation. If you want to go by one of the busses, you must to choose this actively. They are available from 20. July to 30. July. You must be registered for joint transportation before 1. May to go by it. If you do not go by joint transportation you will receive refunds based on where you travel from in Denmark to the jamboree. Read more here.

Special wishes: Here you can inform the jamboree if you need special food, if you bring a caravan, if you have a handicap or if you have other needs, we need to have in mind.

Payment: Here you can choose to pay through a registered group. If you pay yourself, this box must not be filled in.

Børnenes Ø (Children’s Island): If you bring children, that need to be taken care of while you work, they must be registered here.

Remember: If you choose to sleep, eat, or pay through your group, the group need to enter their registration to confirm that you participate with them. 

If you must be registered or paid for through a group

To be registered through a group, you must register as a jobber. In the final registration, you can then choose your scout/guide group under meals, payment and accommodation. Here you find your group on the list and choose that you sleep, eat with them and that they pay for you. It is important that you make an agreement with the group, as they must accept your choices, which will pop up on their registration site.

It may be an advantage for you to register with your group, so that the group can apply for camp site refunds for you.

Are you already registered through your group?

Some groups have already included jobbers in their registration. If you AS A JOBBER are registered through you group, you must to ask your group to delete you from their registration. Afterwards you must choose the pay through the group in your own registration.

What if you want to live, eat and pay together with a group of jobbers, will that be possible? These possibilities will be published later and will be described in the jobber-newsletter.

When we come closer to the jamboree, it will be possible to:

  • Create joint ”housing”. Basically, you camp in a section with the others from the main committee - unless you are in a caravan.
  • Create joint meals. If you want to cook your own meals together with others, you can create a cooking community, and you will receive a joint shopping card.
  • Create joint payment, if you want joint settlement, that is not through a participating scout group.
  • Register jobber children, that you bring to the camp. Wait with their registration until this possibility is open.
  • Inform how many tents you will bring and their measurements.


If you have trouble with your registration, you will find help here:

Problems with the registration system: campos-support@sl2017.dk

General questions about the jamboree: info@sl2017.dk

Questions about finding a job at the jamboree: job@sl2017.dk

Procedure for registering as jobber

  • Fill in and send a  jobber registration
  • Confirm your registration
  • HR-committee will start finding a job match for you
  • When everything has been processed you will receive the relevant information
  • You will get a login to our system where you can fill in your personal information

Price for jobbers 

The price is the same for all from 6 years and older, whether you are a jobber, a leader or a participating scout or guide.

On the jamboree, all will contribute with the tasks, jobber or participants alike. This is why the management of the jamboree, has decided that the price must be the same for both participants and volunteers that are staying on the jamboree.

It will be free to participate in the pre- and after camp for the jamboree.

It will also be possible to participate in a shorter period. If you do this, you can pay per day.

Volunteers from the community

The jamboree will benefit from many local fireballs who will give a hand on the jamboree but who prefer to stay at home.

Volunteers who chooses to stay outside the jamboree will not have to pay to participate.
They must pay as guests at the parking lot and will be able to buy food or bring their own.