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Registration for Jamboree Denmark

Last updated 7. July 2022

Registration for Jamboree Denmark 2022

We look very much forward to welcoming 32,000 scouts and guides and even more guests to Jamboree Denmark 2022. It will be this year's scout reunion with participants from all parts of the world. More than 150 groups from 27 different international countries signed up during our pre-registration and we expect around 5,000 international participants.

Over 2000 volunteers work hard daily to create the best possible setting for the camp, and over 300 activities are already planned for scouts and guides of all ages.

If you already are planning to attend Jamboree Denmark 2022 and have some questions about it, please contact us on and we will be happy to find answers to you.

Can I still join the jamboree?

If you are not already registered it is too late. From the beginning of July, we closed the registration of international groups for our jamboree.

Join Jamboree Denmark 2022 as an IST

Would you like to help create a fantastic jamboree for 32,000 scouts and guides from all over the world? Behind the scenes is a large planning organisation consisting of volunteers; an organisation that you can join.

We are a mixed bunch: Some have been a scout or guide for many years, some have not. Some have planned major jamborees and other events before, some have not. Our primary goal is to give children and young people a great experience, and we will succeed in this, as we already are a strong community.

Af of the 6th of July, you can only register as an IST if you are an EU-citizen since we cannot receive a visum in time for the jamboree for non-eu citizens anymore.

Read more about the six sections and sign up her >>