Leave impressions with Jamboree Denmark 2022
Photo: Lene Ørnbøl Larsen
As a scout or guide leader you are contributing to making Jamboree Denmark 2022 a fantastic event for thousands of scouts and guides.

Scout Leader

As a leader at SL2022 you will not just be giving thousands of scouts and guides an experience for life. You will also have the opportunity yourself to take part in a unique experience with new or old friends, and to become wiser, and to experience what it means to be part of a strong community.

At the jamboree, there will be free activities specifically targeted at leaders. Amongst others, you can attend coursers from classic skills in scouting/guiding, to more specific courses in, e.g., leadership.

Information package 1 from Jamboree Denmark 2022

What must I do?

Besides looking forward to a magnificent scouting/guiding experience, there are some tasks for you to do before you leave from home.

You are responsible for registering scouts/guides from your unit, pass on information concerning transportation to the jamboree and other practical issues.

All you need to know, you can find here on this webpage as the volunteers of the jamboree get all the practical information in order. We will regularly send newsletters with the most important information. In order for the information to be widely distributed, it is important that as many leaders as possible sign up for these newsletters.

Become a volunteer (JPT/IST) 

If you want to be part of the team that will make Jamboree Denmark 2022 a fantastic experience for everyone, then you should become a volunteer. There are many different jobs both prior, during, and after the jamboree. Read more here >>  and sign up here >> 

There is also room for challenges for adults at Jamboree Denmark 2017. Photo: Lene Ørnbøl Larsen