Photo: Per Balslev
Jamboree Denmark 2022 will be a cashless jamboree. This is the safest and simplest payment solution for the jamboree and the participants. All participants will receive a wristband with a payment chip – this solution is what we call ‘Skejser’.

Skejser replaces cash

Last updated 21. August 2022

Only a few shops and places to eat will accept other methods of payment such as cash or credit or debit cards. However, you will be able to use debit/credit cards to buy guest access cards and to transfer money to your Skejser account.

All guests can buy a guest-Skejser card in the Skejser information tent at the Administration center or at the shops closest to guest parking areas.

Both wristbands and guest cards can also be used in selected shops in the cities of Høje-Taastrup, Greve and Roskilde. Shops that accept Skejser payments will have a sticker or a sign with the Skejser logo.

Activating a Skejser account

To activate your Skejser account, some work is required by you or an responsible adult. It is highly recommended that you activate your Skejser account before you arrive on the jamboree. You do this by navigating to

During activation, the below information will be asked for:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Mobile phone number

It is possible to connect one or more Skejser wristbands to a single account. You connect a Skejser wristband to an account via the ID-number on the back of the Skejser payment. Take a photo of the payment chip so you can remember the ID-number.

Name and age is needed for each wristband connected to a Skejser account.

It is possible to limit the possible daily spendings for each wristband.

What you can do before you get your wristband

It is still possible to activate a Skejser account even if you have not yet received your wristband. 

You can always connect a Skejser wristband later at

You can get help connecting your Skejser wristband to your account in the Skejser information tent during the jamboree. You just need to provide the name and PIN code you chose when you created your Skejser account.

Payment to the account and remaining money after the jamboree

You can transfer money to your Skejser account using most major credit and debit cards. Read more on

Any remaining money in the account after Jamboree Denmark 2022 can be refunded to last registered credit or debit card until 1st of september via

If there is any remaining money the 1st of september, they will be transferred to Jamboree Denmark.

If you have any questions regarding the withdrawal of money, please write an e-mail to


You and your parents can read more about Skejser and the system behind in on

If you have questions that you cannot find the answer to on the Skejser website, please contact the jamboree information centre on: Email: or phone: +45 8111 2022 (Mondays, 19.30 - 20.30 danish time)

How to pay for stuff on Jamboree Denmark

This is usefull information for all participants on Jamboree Denmark as we only have limited places where it will be possible to use cash.