Photo: Jon Kristensen

Activities for Jamboree Denmark 2022

What is going to happen when 40,000 scouts and guides gather at Jamboree Denmark from 23 July to 31 July 2022 in Hedeland Naturpark? The volunteers in Activities and Events are already busy figuring that out by coming up with interesting, funny and challenging activities and events - and you are invited to join the team!

Jamboree Denmark’s most important goal is to give scouts and guides of all age groups an amazing scouting experience that will prepare them for their future lives through community, outdoor life, and challenges.
We are working on creating activities that creates space for differences and for creating new friendships. Activities that are both challenging, fun, and can give both young and old a personal wow-experience.


Help us create weird, fun, fantastic and challenging activities for a lot of scouts and guides on Jamboree Denmark 2022!

Right now, we are especially looking for:

  • A head of partnerships and sponsorships who will help us keep an overview of everything and create some cool activities in cooperation with external activity partners
  • An assistant for economy who can help our head of economy with everything from making sure that the budget is correct, to approving appendixes, and to keep track of the economy
  • A head of communication who will help spread the word about our cool activities to the scout & guide communities
  • A head of volunteers who will work with the other head of volunteers from our other sections to create enthusiasm, qualify our skills, and make sure the volunteers have a good working environment

A secretary who will create good meeting facilities, help with minutes, and support the people responsible for activities

Email to: if you are interested in hearing more!

Jamboree Denmark 2022 will have activities for all age groups. Photo: Jan Vestergaard 

Which activities are available on Jamboree Denmark 2022?

The one common thread for all the activities is the theme of the jamboree: Our common future.

When we say that the theme needs to be part of the activities, we mean that:

  • the activities need to DEVELOP THE PARTICIPANTS’ ATTENTION to responsibility and the benefits of being prepared.
  • the participants through the activities will EXPERIENCE BEING PART OF A COMMUNITY
  • the participants through their actions will PARTICIPATE IN CREATING A BETTER WORLD - it can be for themselves, someone they care about, their local community or something else.

Originating in Hedeland Naturpark and the three surrounding municipalities - Høje Taastrup, Greve, and Roskilde - activities for all age groups will be created. Right now the only limit is your imagination. The goal is to have all kinds of activities that show what it is like to be a scout or guide in 2022.

On Jamboree Denmark 2022 we are working on creating a Theme Day and two Age Group Activity Days just like there will be an area with activities for participants 17 years and above. You can find more information about these activities right here on this page gradually as all the pieces fall into place.

Do you have an idea for an activity? Read more about the activities in this activity pamphlet (link coming soon)

How do I become part of Activities and Events?


We always need more people to help us create the best possible experience for the participants on Jamboree Denmark 2022. If you either have a specific idea  you would like to make happen, or if you want to help wherever we need you, you are more than welcome to become part of our volunteer community by filling out this formula (Link coming soon) 

We believe we will succeed in making Jamboree Denmark to be the best Jamboree in the World, because we are a strong community!

The AdventureSpejd activities are a recurring part of Jamboree Denmark. Here is a resume from Jamboree Denmark 2017, held in Sønderborg.

The Activity Committee is ready to make your idea become reality

If you have a good idea for an activity or an event for Jamboree Denmark 2022, but you are unsure how to execute it, then don’t worry! Activities and Events are ready to help you make your idea become reality.
All coordinators for Activities and Events will be offered sparring, whether it is about thinking outside the box, or making sure that the activity complies with all safety measures. That is why Activities and Events has both a quality team and a material- and logistics team, that is always ready to help.

Where can I sign up for the activities?

We are currently working hard to plan all the activities for the participants for Jamboree Denmark 2022, but you cannot sign your group up for activities just yet. As soon as it becomes possible we will update this page. For starters we are working on an activity pamphlet that you will be able to find here as soon as it is ready.